Specially curated pre-packed bundles for your hospital or birth centre stay

The last thing you should be worrying about before you meet your little one, is where to get the most comfortable maternity undies, or which brand of nipple cream to buy. You should be looking for a way to spoil yourself with a little more time before baby comes, as well as enjoying some time to bond with your partner or family. Our bags offer you this luxury.

We take away the stress of packing for your big day or possibly forgetting something important, by packing your bag and delivering it to your door.

Renka Maternity Essentials

Our specially curated bags include only the most trusted brands in South Africa. For this reason, we can substitute any item on our list for something similar of the same size if you have a specific brand preference. We aim to keep you comfortable with what you know and trust. 


Regardless of whether you will be giving birth at a hospital or midwife-led birth centre, our curated bags cater to every woman who is about to cross the beautiful threshold of motherhood. We take up your stress, giving you more time to prepare for baby rather than hunting down products in multiple retail stores. 
We’ve gone through this birthing journey ourselves, so we only include items you will use. From our basic bundle to our executive bag, we make sure that you have only the items you will need either for your actual delivery, or the two weeks thereafter. 

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