~Our Mission~

Providing moms-to-be with the convenience they need when going on this beautiful and sometimes challenging journey of motherhood.


Firstly, thank you for choosing me to go on this labour journey with you! 

My name is Shalom and I founded Renka Maternity after my not-so-pleasant pre-birth experience. I had just gone to see my midwife and was told that our baby could come any day now, therefore I should make sure my labour bag was ready. I smiled and nodded while on the inside I knew very well that my bag was nowhere close to ready. Being the avid online shopper I am, I frantically searched for a pre-packed hospital bag in South Africa, which would eliminate the stress of having to figure out what to put in my bag and what to not bother taking. I was also faced with the difficult task of trying to figure out which of my luggage bags would be the perfect solution for my needs. I was stressed! At 37 weeks, the last thing I needed was to be stressed considering I was already pretty tired and achy in places I didn’t even know could ache. 

Shalom Piorkowski; Renka Maternity Founder

That’s how I started Renka Maternity.  

My aim was to create the ultimate solution for new moms who were looking for convenience and knew exactly what they needed- brands with good reputations which they knew they could trust, along with a stress-free and convenient shopping experience. 


If you would like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to do so. I would love to connect on any of our social media pages. Alternatively, you’re welcome to email me using the link below. 

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