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Our Baby Wrap Carrier is made of a light 100% cotton fabric, more suited to warmer climates, with an added extra support layer to ensure a snug fit for your baby. It is fully adjustable ensuring a perfect fit every time. The Baby Wrap Carrier will enable you to ‘wear’ your baby without the fuss of clasps or buckles and your baby simply goes with you as you carry on with your day to day activities. It’s great to be able to wear and not wheel your baby around!

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The Baby Sense Baby Wrap Carrier is a versatile carrier, which is fully adjustable ensuring a perfect fit every time. This one-size versatility fits all caregivers and grows with your baby, and the wide shoulder support evenly distributes weight across the entire back and hips. The tapered ends make wrapping easier, there is less fabric to handle and it allows for ease of movement when wrapped.

  • Comfortable:  The Baby Wrap Carrier is comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods of time, designed to use your entire back and shoulders to hold the weight of your baby. The natural fibers of the 100% cotton fabric ‘breathe’ well.
  • Secure: Your baby is secured by three sections of fabric for triple wrapped security. The Baby Wrap Carrier’s stretch and wide width also ensure that your baby is held close and kissable. When sleeping, the back of your baby’s head can also be secured under the cotton fabric (for added safety).
  • Be uniquely close to your baby: Your baby can hear your heartbeat and find comfort in the touch of your body within the cuddly comfort of the Baby Wrap Carrier.
  • Optimal ergonomic fit: Wraps for optimal ergonomic positioning of baby, the ‘M’ position with knees up above bum, which naturally places less weight and strain on baby’s developing hips. International Hip Dysplasia Institute
Dimensions length 590mm/23″, height 5170mm/203″
Care Instruction Machine washable. Wash like colours together.


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Grey Two-tone, Assorted, Blue & Grey

Safety Checklist

1. Examine your wrap before each use for wear and tear, including ripped seams or torn fabric. Do not use it if there is any damage to the
2. Check that baby is safely positioned in the wrap according to instructions for use.
3. Check on the baby often. Ensure that the baby is periodically repositioned. Failure to pay attention can lead to falls or failure to notice
4. If using the wrap while breastfeeding, always move the baby’s face away from the breast after feeding and then re-position baby
5. Never leave a baby in a baby carrier that is not being worn.
6. Never use when balance or mobility is impaired because of exercise, drowsiness, or medical conditions. Your balance may be adversely
affected by your movement and that of your child.
7. Never use the wrap while engaging in activities such as cooking and cleaning that involve a heat source or exposure to chemicals.
8. Never wear the wrap while driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle.
9 Never place more than one child in a baby carrier. Never use more than one baby carrier at the same time.
10. Never use the wrap in any body of water.
11. Keep baby facing towards the caregiver. Never face a baby outwards before they have head control.
12. Use only the positions that are appropriate for your baby’s age. For example, a newborn should only be carried in the newborn hold
for appropriate neck support.
13. Be mindful of your baby’s temperature, always ensuring he is comfortable.
14. Provide support to your baby when bending down or leaning over, as your baby could fall if unsupported.
15. Always ensure that the wrap is secured with a double knot.


1. Preemies, low birth weight newborns, babies with an upper respiratory infection, low muscle tone, or GERD should be carried in an
upright position and should NOT be held in a horizontal (cradle, hammock) position across the wearer’s chest.
2. If you are practicing kangaroo care, always place your baby in an upright position.
3. The horizontal position is not recommended for extended periods of time in the carrier, because having legs swaddled together is not
ideal for hip development (especially in infants with pre-existing hip dysplasia).


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