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The Baby Sense Winter Sleeping Bag is the ultimate 100% cotton baby sleeping bag. It is designed to keep babies at the perfect temperature on wintery nights, preventing the risk of overheating or becoming too cold. The design also ensures that your little one is covered throughout the night as many babies tend to kick off their blankets and swaddles as they get a little older which causes them to cool down in the early hours of the morning, leading to night wakings.

  • Breathable: 100% cotton helps reduce the risk of overheating
  • Safe: Eliminates loose blankets in the crib and is British Standard approved
  • Practical: Zips open in the front for easy night-time changes.
  • Comfy: Lined with soft flannel for extra warmth Sleeping Bag fits babies from 5 months until about 18 months.
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The reason sleeping bags are essential is that they solve two essential concerns in every mom’s mind:
  • They increase the baby’s safety during sleep as they prevent suffocation associated with having blankets in the cot. Safety is always at the forefront of parents’ minds. Loose blankets pose the risk of suffocation if they move over the baby’s face, which is why a sleeping bag is recommended. Furthermore, unlike polyester filled sleeping bags, the breathability of 100% cotton ensures that the baby won’t overheat and also ensures that your baby stays covered and warm during the cold nights.
  • Sleeping bags keep babies warm and comfortable until morning, preventing the little one from becoming cold in the early hours of the morning. The Baby Sense Sleeping Bag contains 2 layers of 100% cotton regulating babies’ temperature.

Size and Care Instructions:

Dimensions length 450mm/18″, height 860mm/34″
Care instruction Machine washable. Wash like colors together. Close the zip and turn inside out before washing


Sleeping Bag warmth chart

room temperature what to dress your baby in
24° – 27° C /
66° – 80° F
Too warm for comfort Cool the room and use a short-sleeved vest with Summer Sleeping Bag only
19° – 24° C /
66° – 75° F
Perfect temp but cools down in the morning Cotton baby grow or pajamas with Summer Sleeping Bag
16° – 19° C /
61° – 66° F
Will wake feeling cool Vest and cotton baby-grow with Winter Sleeping Bag
Less than 16° C / 61° F Too cold to sleep Needs a vest and warm cotton baby-grow or pajamas with a Winter Sleeping Bag

Additional information


Length of baby =60 cm – 85 cm / 24 ” – 33 “
Weight of baby = 7kg – 12 kg / 15 lbs – 26 lbs
Approximate age = 5 – 18 months


1. Do not use a sleeping bag if the infant’s head can pass through the neck hole when the zip is closed. This infant sleeping bag is for use
in a crib without additional bedding, quilt, or blanket.
2. Always place infants on their back to sleep and not on soft surfaces such as a couch, air mattress, etc.
3. Always remove from crib when not in use.
4. Take care and periodically check that infant is not overheated. Do not over the bundle.
5. A number of external factors determine the TOG rating of the sleeping bag; including the number of clothes your infant is wearing, the
temperature of the bedroom and even your infant’s health.
6. As with adults, these factors may vary, so use our advice as a guide only.


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