Midrange Breastfeeding Bundle

Midrange Breastfeeding Bundle



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C-section Bundle


This conveniently packed C-section hospital bundle will save you time when packing for your hospital stay. With everything you’ll need for the hospital stay, you won’t have to stress about packing your hospital bag. The bundle also includes a checklist, to make the packing process as seamless as possible. That’s #MaternityMadeEasy

You will receive the following in your bundle:

  • A tube of Scarscience with microporous tape (developed specifically by plastic surgeons) for superior scar healing on your c-section scar.
  • Carriwell Disposable Hospital Panties for the duration of your hospital stay.
  • A pack of Carriwell Maternity Pads (12 pads) for the post-birth bleeding. Believe it or not, you will still need these.
  • A pack of Carriwell Linen Savers
  • 1 Box of Honey and Nut Milk Lactation Bars (5 in the box) to promote breastmilk production
  • A tube of Lansinoh Nipple Cream for nipple healing
  • A 24pack box of Lansinoh Maternity Pads
  • A folder for your important documents
  • 1 Happy Hugger Wheat Bag for convenient warmth when needed

Toiletries include the following:

  • An Aquafresh Toohbrush and toothpaste
  • Sanex Zero Roll On and Sanex Zero Shower Gel
  • Bio-Oil which will help improve the appearance of any scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.
  • Labello Lip Balm to keep those lips moisturised

Each bundle is beautifully wrapped with a surprise gift to ensure that mom feels special for her big day.

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So what’s in the box?

1 x 50ml Scarscience with microporous tape
2 x Carriwell Maternity/Hospital Panties
1 x Carriwell Maternity Pads
1 x Carriwell Linen Savers
1 x box of Honey and Nut Milk Lactation Bars (5 pack)
1 x Lansinoh 10ml Nipple Cream for nipple healing
1 x Lansinoh 24 pack Maternity Pads
1 x Aquafresh Toohbrush (Complete care med)
1 x Aquafresh Toothpaste (Complete care 75ml)
1 x Sanex Zero Roll On
1 x Sanex Zero Shower Gel
1 x Bio-Oil 50ml
1 x Labello Lip Balm
1 x Folder for your important documents
1 x Happy Hugger Wheat Bag

Additional information

Hospital Panties Size

Sml – XL, XXL

Nursing Pads

Lansinoh, Medela

Nipple Cream

Lansinoh 10ml, Medela 7g


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